Thulo Billing Software

Thulo billing software is a simple billing software verified by Nepal Government (IRD). This billing system is developed in Nepal by Thulo Technology Pvt.Ltd. for Nepalese Business.

Why use Thulo Billing Software?

If you use the software, which is not verified by IRD, and use it for providing the bill to a customer, then you may find yourself in problems due to illegal issues. So, to make your business grow smoothly and cleanly, you should use the IRD verified billing system. Thulo billing software helps your business to run cleanly and smoothly as it is verified and listed by IRD. With use of Thulo Billing, you can easily make a legal bill for your customer. You don’t have to worry about getting in any kinds of illegal problems issues. Moreover, you don’t have to load yourself with the manual way of billing in paper. Instead, you can use Thulo billing software for computerized Tax Invoicing and make your billing work easy and fast as well. Using this software, you even monitor your staffs.

What are the features?

Using Thulo Billing Software, you can easily go through all the sales through a report. This software has various features that are useful and time saving. It has both Nepali and English date format and has central billing monitoring system enabled. The system has sections for sales, purchases, report, history, users, business, fiscal year, backup, and guide.

In sales section, you can see all of your sales that you have done till the date and can also filter it by specifying the dates, category, and bill number. You can also make a new bill for the new sale and generate bill legally. While making the bill, you can also disable the VAT section as per your need. Moreover, you can also deal with sales return using this software. The customer may sometimes return the products due to different reasons. In such situation, you can perform sales return by double clicking on the specific sales data.

Similarly, in purchases section, you can see all the purchases just like you can see sales in the sales section. You can also make a new purchase and return the purchase if not satisfied with it. 

In report section, you can all your sales and purchases of any specific period of time and can also see your balance amount. You can also email the generated report as per your need. You can even convert the sales report and purchase report into the excel record file. Moreover, you can see the sales return and purchase return of any specified time period.

From the history section, you see all the records of work done by each and every user. This software can be used by multiple users. If you have many staffs for handling your business, you also add them as user to work in the system. The staffs will be having limited access to the system. They can only use sales and purchases section.

Likewise, in business section, you can set up your proper business profile. You can edit any of your business information and update it as per your need. You have to change your fiscal year once a year from the fiscal year section.

From backup section, you can make a backup of your every data records of the system and can even restore those records.

Lastly, from the guide section, you can get easy guide on how to use any of the features available in the software through a video. 

How to use the software?

To utilize the features of Thulo Billing software, firstly, you have to login into the system by providing the correct username and password details to the system. After the correct login details, you will be redirected to the main system to see all the features and use them. If you are unknown or confused on how to execute any functions of the system, you can take help from the guide section which will guide you perfectly in an easy way.